Lincoln MKT

The THX II Certified 5.1 Surround system is like none other on the open road. Fourteen strategically placed speakers, including a center-channel THX Slot Speaker system, bring out the subtle details of your favorite recordings. Bass notes groove, vocals sing and live tracks put you a few rows from center stage. Hearing is believing. Visit for more details.
2010 Lincoln MKT Audio Features

THX II Car Audio Features

  1. A center-channel THX Slot Speaker array produces a wide, spacious sound stage and home theater like ambience.
  2. True 5.1 surround sound plays from DVD-Audio discs and DVD Movies.
  3. Rip, store and manage 2,400 tracks with a 10 gigabyte Jukebox.
  4. Digital media players and flash drives connect via USB port and are voice-activated through the Lincoln SYNC® media system.
  5. New DTS Neural Surround™ delivers surround sound experiences from stereo-based music stored on MP3 players and mobile phones.
  6. Sophisticated Digital Signal Processing provides spectral balance, wide dynamic range and exceptional acoustic performance.
  7. A 12-channel amplifier produces 600 watts of power from 20Hz to 20kHz with a total harmonic distortion of less than 0.1 percent.
  8. Rich, deep bass emanates from an 8” rear subwoofer.