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Home Theater Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

The key is finding gadgety gear that has the right features and performance to match Dad’s habits – while at the same time, getting something that rocks. Don’t freak out, THX is here to help. When you buy a gadget that is THX Certified, you know that you have found the right combination of high-quality, powerful performance that is totally cool. Just look for the THX logo to point you in the right direction.

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THX – A Look Back at 28 Years in Entertainment

Since 1983, THX has been a force in helping bring great entertainment experiences to life – whether it be in the production studio, the cinema, the home or on the road. With 28 years and counting, THX celebrates some of the ways it has been a part of shaping audio and video performance as we know it.

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THX works with consumer electronics manufacturers to design and build the finest home audio and video products.

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